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Foster Community Fellowship specifically in the Historic Old West End, Toledo, Ohio

 how we carry out our mission

Annual monthly events in Toledo, Ohio’s Historic Old West End (OWE) allows for fellowship amongst diverse neighborhood residents.

Throughout the year Movie Presentations, free to Old West End residents, allows for fellowship amongst neighborhood residents who are interested in the same genre of viewing entertainment. 

What monthly events does the Foundation host?     

Every monthly event has a sole purpose: bring community members together in an engaging activity which allows ample time to interact with each other and build fellowship.

It is the Foundation's goal that all 1,800 households of the Historic Old West End will be able to attend a majority of these free events.

The more often residents of the Old West End can meet and interact with each other, the deeper relationships will grow to build fellowship within the Old West End.   

When and where are monthly events held?

All of our monthly events are held on either the second or third Saturday of each month with the exception of June (which has no event) and October (which is held on Halloween).

All events are held between noon and 4 pm except Halloween's event which is held from 4-6 pm.

The Scottwood Inn is the location for all of the Foundation's events.  The Scottwood Inn is located at 2335 Scottwood Avenue, Toledo.  .

Who does the Foundation attempt to involve in these events?

All Old West End residents are invited to each of our monthly events at no charge.

Old West End Groups (and businesses) are specifically invited to participate in our February (chili cook off) and October (Halloween) events.

We invite 4 Old West End Church Food pantries to be benefactors of  our November event.

We invite 4 Old West End Educators to be benefactors of our August Event.

We invite all Old West End military families (active duty and veterans) to take part in our January and May events.    


Forms and Resources for Participants 

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our events.  If you can donate your time and skills, please contact us at

We are a 501(c)(3) organization and as such, your contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

We bank at the Key Bank located in the Old West End on Central and Collingwood.  Feel free to stop in and add to our account.  Please leave your name with the teller so we can properly thank you and provide a receipt for your tax records.

You can also Zelle a donation to the Foundation by using the email

We will have a donation jar at every events.  Feel free to donate at the events.

You can also click on the Donate button below and donate via PayPal.