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Foster Community Fellowship specifically in the Old West End, Toledo, Ohio

 how we carry out our mission

Annual monthly events in Toledo Ohio’s Historic Old West End (OWE) allows for fellowship amongst diverse neighborhood residents.

Throughout the year Movie Presentations, free to Old West End residents, allows for fellowship amongst neighborhood residents who are interested in the same genre of viewing entertainment. 

Why does the Scottwood Inn Foundation hold events?  

The Scottwood Inn Foundation holds monthly events to build fellowship and community amongst the residents.

Throughout the course of they year we try to  

Throughout the course of they year we try to incorporate all the diversity of the Old West End. We try to bring in all groups to every event and highlight our helping out reach across the spectrum of organizations present in the Old West End. 

When and Where are the Events held?

Most often the events are held on either the second or third Saturday of the month.  There are some variations (the October event is held on Halloween and the July event is held on the 4th of July and the May event spans from May to July).

The events are most often held for 4 hours between 12:30 and 4:30 pm.  The Halloween event is laterin the day and the May and July events offer particpation at sunrise, sunset, and noon.

All events are held at the Old West End's newest Bed and Breakfast  - the Scottwood Inn at 2335 Scottwood Avenue, in between Winthrop and Acklin. 

What is the cost to participate and who can participate?

The intention of all events is to provide them free to the Old West End residents. We do not ever want a financial circumstance to get in the way of the ability of anyone to get to know their neighbors.

Our intention is to build fellowship amongst the people who reside in the Old West End so we do ask that residents of the Old West End attend and only in rare circumstances bring outside of the Old West End guests.

The September event does allow you to donate to the high schools involved, but other than that you can leave your money at home. 

Do you need any help? 

We have lots of opportunities for people to help.

Every event requires prior planning and some pick up of resources (food, supplies).

Every event needs helpers on the day of to set up and tear down.

Most events have some community follow up after the event that also needs help.

This first year there are plenty of Eagle Scout and Gold Award projects developing the year to year structures needed to run these events.  

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, if you are not able to give your time, please consider supporting our efforts financially.  Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.