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Foster Community Fellowship specifically in the Historic Old West End, Toledo, Ohio

 how we carry out our mission

Annual monthly events in Toledo, Ohio’s Historic Old West End (OWE) allows for fellowship amongst diverse neighborhood residents.

Throughout the year Movie Presentations, free to Old West End residents, allows for fellowship amongst neighborhood residents who are interested in the same genre of viewing entertainment. 

Our May event begins on May 1 and continues to July 4. The Buglar plays taps on Memorial Day and again on the 4th of July at sunrise, noon, and sunset.    

What is this month's event?  

May 1 begins the formation of our Military Memorial Garden honoring those who have given their lives to keep the United States free.  OWE residents are invited to create a memorial stone for their friends and relatives who have died for our benefit.  These will be positioned along the driveway for all who pass by to pay their respects.  On Memorial Day and on the Fourth of July taps will be played at dawn, dusk, and noon in remberance of these brave souls.    

When will this month's event be held?

Memorial Markers from prior years will be positioned along the driveway on May 1.  Throughout the months of May and June we encourage everyone to honor their deceased military relatives with a tombstone marker.  We will have taps played at dawn, dusk, and noon on both Memorial Day and 4th of July.         

How will this month's event be carried out?

OWE residents are encouraged to add to our memorial garden throughout the months of May and June.

Forms and Resources for Participants 

There are no forms necessary for this event.