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Foster Community Fellowship specifically in the Old West End, Toledo, Ohio

 how we carry out our mission

Annual monthly events in Toledo Ohio’s Historic Old West End (OWE) allows for fellowship amongst diverse neighborhood residents.

Throughout the year Movie Presentations, free to Old West End residents, allows for fellowship amongst neighborhood residents who are interested in the same genre of viewing entertainment. 

Our September event is held annually on the second Saturday of the month from 12:30 until 4:30 pm. 

What is this month's event?  

Battle of the Bands - 10 local high school bands will showcase their talents in a highly competitive display of musical acuity and skill  

When will this month's event be held?

Saturday, September 19, 2021

12:30 - 4:30 pm

At the Scottwood Inn - 2335 Scottwood Avenue, Toledo

(419) 242-4551 

How will this month's event be carried out?

All types of bands are eligible. Band members are only allowed to be in one band for the competition Bands may not have members younger than 9th grade or older than 20 years old. All bands must have at least two (2) members. At least 70% (50% when it is 2 members) need to be in the 9th through 12th grades. All band members must be listed on the entry form. If you need to make additions or subtractions from the entry form prior to the event, please contact the Scottwood Inn Foundation. At least one band member must reside in the Old West End. Bands chosen to play will be chosen by the percentage of band members who reside in the Old West End. Band members do not need to be from the same school, but they must compete under the name of the school where the majority attend. Band members must have a school staff member (Principal, Vice Principal, Secretary, Guidance Counselor, Band Director) verify that the members are in good standing with the school. Bands will be limited to no more than four from each high school. Bands will need to play a set of two (2) songs, one should be an original song and one can be a cover of a song from 1960 to present. One song must have lyrics. If the cover song has lyrics, they MUST be sung (as it is a copyright issue to not sing it live). The set will be no longer than ten minutes playing time - beginning when the band member first speaks or first note is played. Total time is ten (20) minutes. This includes the performance and getting off stage. Points will be deducted for going over time. Each band will submit a typed copy of the lyrics of both songs. Remember that all lyrics must be “family friendly.” If the lyrics during the performance are different than what was turned in, you may be disqualified. This must be submitted prior to August 1. Each band will submit a recording of the songs they will be performing in an accessible digital format. This must be submitted prior to August 1 There must be NO vulgarities, profanities, lewd comments, racist remarks, violence, sexual content, references to suicide or drug use, etc. in the lyrics. Political lyrics are discouraged but Patriotic lyrics are acceptable. You must provide your own instruments, amplifiers, and cords. The Scottwood Inn Foundation will provide a power strip or power strips as needed. You must indicate what you will need prior to August 1. You are encourage to call the Scottwood Inn Foundation to arrange a pre-date to come to the Inn and practice your set up and test the electrical we will provide to make certain everything works the way you need it to work. This is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Please mark your items for identification. The Scottwood Inn is not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen equipment. The Scottwood Inn Foundation will provide 2 microphones. Use them wisely and, if necessary, bring your own. You may be able to borrow a microphone from your school. The area you will be performing in is small so you might not even need a microphone. Your dress must meet school guidelines. No clothing may be removed during the performance. Each band will submit a short, typed biography for the emcee of the competition to read. Be creative (even humorous), list some of the events you have played. You do not have to list band members’ names, ages, or schools but please highlight your connection to the Old West End. The Media Release must be signed by ALL band members’ parents/guardians and 18-year-old band members or the band will not be allowed to participate. This is so we can procure media coverage of the event and hopefully get you noticed more than just in the neighborhood.

Forms and Resources for Participants 

Band Entry Form

Judge's Scoring Rubric

Media Release Form