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Foster Community Fellowship specifically in the Old West End, Toledo, Ohio

 how we carry out our mission

Annual monthly events in Toledo Ohio’s Historic Old West End (OWE) allows for fellowship amongst diverse neighborhood residents.

Throughout the year Movie Presentations, free to Old West End residents, allows for fellowship amongst neighborhood residents who are interested in the same genre of viewing entertainment.

We have a constant need for volunteers.  See below for various current openings.                 

Monthly Events  

All of our monthly events need volunteers.

Lead - This is the person who will coordinate all aspects of the monthly event.

Prior to volunteers - These are people who arrange for the event's needs prior to the day of the event. These people make the arrangements so the event runs smoothly the day of the event.

Day of Volunteers - There are 3 different groups of people needed the day of the event.

Set up - These people arrive 30 minutes before the event and make certain everything is in place where it needs to be for the event to run smoothly.

During - These are people who operate the event.  Most events run for 4 hours.  These people will need to be present approximately 15 minutes before the event to make certain they understand where the set up crew has positioned the items they will need and to make any minor adjustements to the set up.  These people will interact and make certain all OWE residents attending feel welcome and comfortable.  These people will help in fostering the fellowship the events are intended to build.

After - These people arrive just as the event is winding down.  There is a storage room at the Scottwod Inn where all the supplies for the events are stored.  It is the job of this crew to organize the event's supplies for use the next year.

All of these volunteer opportunities lend themselves to Scout Patrols and Youth Groups in search of community service hours.  

Let us know how you can help by emailing us at and letting us know which monthly event you are available to help with and how you see yourself being involved.  

Movie Presentations

When the Scottwood Inn Foundation presents movies we will need a group of about 5 people to safely admit the audience for each showing.  

Most showing will be throughout the applicable days ... 10am,  1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and 10pm.

We anticipate the 10am and 1pm audiences will consist of mainly home schoolers and seniors.    

We anticipate the 4pm showing will be mostly the "after school" group.

We anticipate the 7pm showing will be mostly families looking to relax after dinner and homework.

The late night, 10pm showing we anticipate will bring out the neighborhood night owls.

Let us know by emailing us at and tell us when you would be available to help out!

As an added perk - Movie volunteers will be asked to preview the movies the day before during a private showing just to help us make certain the feature film is picture perfect.  

Is there compensation for Volunteers?

We will sign off on community service hours for those who need community service hour vertification.

Paying our volunteers to manage events takes away from the ability to use donations to hold and expand the reach of the events so we are looking for people who do not need to be financially compensated for their time and efforts to help us in offering these events.     

Forms and Resources for Participants 

While the event schedule 

While the event schedule is set, there is a lot of room for your input to help us more efficiently and effectively run these events. 

If you'd like more information or have comments or questions, please contact us at